work or retire imageThe turn of a new decade is especially meaningful to me this year, since 2020 signals the beginning of my new life in retirement. Many of my colleagues look at me crossways, figuring I’m too young to “withdraw” from life. And I’d have to agree with them there. But retirement means different things to different people.

True, I am retiring from my day job, and after 43 years in the paid workforce I think I have that coming. But to me, retirement simply means the time to pursue new opportunities. I have so many creative projects needing attention I’m absolutely bursting with anticipation to get started.  

For one, the release of my novel, Robert’s Rules, is long overdue. It’s been a tough year, one that derailed my progress for months. Yet, some of those challenges have contributed to a better story. I’ve had time to mull over some tricky plot points and characterization. Time always provides insights. At its core, Robert’s Rules asks: Can love survive the unthinkable? 

2020 will also offer me options for volunteer work I find personally fulfilling. To give to others is the secret of happiness, I hear. And from experience I know it’s true. 

My bookshelf is overflowing with unread titles I’ve picked up here or there, always looking for my favorite author. The objective is to identify a master work I can use to solve my own writing dilemmas. So far, that ideal writer has eluded me. But perhaps I’ve been going about it all wrong. Recently, on the Story Grid Editors Roundtable podcast (my absolute fave), Valerie Francis reminded me that I may not find one book that is a complete match for the type of story I want to tell. Instead, I can look at the way each writer handles a particular story principle, such as point of view, narrative drive, and that trickiest of all, creating a force of antagonism that really gets your goat. 

But I digress. 

In future posts I’ll tell you more about my journey with the Story Grid methodology. For now, suffice it say it’s making me a better writer. 

So, what else is in store for 2020?

Clearly, creative projects abound: photography, travel, building my author platform, sewing and other artistic endeavors, researching to my heart’s content, and, of course, writing. Lots and lots of writing. 

My vision is clear, my purpose sound: I am defined by my compulsion to create, however I’m moved to express it. 

Join me, will you?



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