A domineering businessman. A disturbing family secret. Can his marriage survive the tragic truth?

Robert’s Rules is a gripping marital drama that will make you cringe, cry and cheer.  

Robert's Rules: A Novel by Kristi Garrett

Every family has its secrets. But hers could destroy everything he’s built.

Robert Spencer works hard to get everything he wants. And with his beautiful wife Margaret by his side, success is guaranteed. After he learns he’s up for his dream job, his place in influential social circles is within reach. He’ll finally win his overbearing father’s approval.

But Margaret has other ideas. And one day she’s gone, leaving only a cryptic note.

Despite Robert’s determination to press on with his strategy to win the job, a series of perplexing developments compel him to pursue his wife across the country, hoping to bring her home. But the disturbing secret he discovers threatens to bring his world crashing to the ground.

What is Robert willing to sacrifice for his family’s courageous future?